Thank goodness their fast!- Huntsville Children’s Photographer

6 12 2010

I love winter… however… it makes my job a little harder.  People don’t want to come out into the cold!  Especially us southern people!  We like the warmth, and its not “cold” here for very many months.  But today, I had my first winter photoshoot, and these boys did great!  And thank goodness they are fast!  I think we ran and played games enough to keep us all warm!   And we even got still, sweet shots too:

Big brother, well I’ve known him for awhile!  He was in my two year old class a few years back.  Boy has he grown up:

And turned into a handsome and sweet young man:

And little brother… well he’s two.  So he’s fast:

And SOOO fun:

I even had to wait for them to climb a staircase… that’s what happens when I take kids to my super fun alley way/ playground!

And to finish up, here’s a close up of both boys:

Mom, dad, you guys did great!

Thanks again for braving the cold guys!!!

Be sure to check out my new website…. there’s even another shot of these handsome boys over there


Not official yet- Huntsville Family Photographer

2 12 2010

There are some major changes coming your way!! After nearly two years in business I have decided its time to make some changes.  I’ve come into my own a little more and know the way I want to be seen as a photographer.  In light of that I’m changing my business name along with some of my policies and the way things are run!  The first change can be seen here

That will be my new website, and there is some to look at already.  It will not officially be done and running until January 1st 2011, but I want everyone to have time to change their bookmarks and get used to the new place!  My fav part?  The page color changes based on the picture I post!!!  I’ve also decided that will be my personal blog and business blog rolled into one.. that way I only have to manage one hahahaha.  Easier for me that way.  I’m a bad blogger, lets get real.  Well now with it all on one page the chances of a post everyday are MUCH higher hahahaha.  Anyways, I hope this change will bring good things for me and my clients.  I can’t wait to show you everything I have to offer you.  Please enjoy!  And please give me your feedback!!!

They’re BACK!!- Huntsville Family Photographer

19 11 2010

So…. I got a new camera.  And I AM SO EXCITED!  Just wait until you see the difference.  Remember the cuties from a couple weeks ago?? THEY ARE BACK!  And this time they brought their grandpa:

This little girl steals my heart everytime:

And her brother… well this shot just says it all:

And I can never get over how adorable their relationship is:

There is so much love and happiness in this pair:

We had fun in the fall air.  Playing red light green light is one of their favorites:

Mom and Dad came along again and we got some great family shots:

This next picture perfectly explains my style (and their family).  Its so natural, and soft, and sweet, and you can just feel the love coming out of the photo:

The next one… IT IS THE BEST.  And mom and dad will agree its a very realistic look at their lives with a 4 and 5 year old!

Here’s another with grandpa.  The kiddos loved their grandpa.  SO much:

I love this shot of Ms E with her grandpa.  He loves her too.

I have to finish with this picture.  Because its hilarious.  Dad said lets take a pic of E riding N’s shoulders!  And they made it happen ahahahaha

Thanks so much for being my first client to be photographed by the new camera!! I’m very happy with the results.  Hope you are too!!

NEW LOGO- Huntsville Family Photographer

5 11 2010

Check out my new logo!

My awesome brother in law made it for me.  If you need any custom graphic design work contact me for his info!

Timmy turns three- Huntsville Toddler photographer

2 11 2010

One of Lawson’s best friends turned three last month.  We met up for a fun photoshoot.  Lots of leaves, trucks, and love from mom and dad!

You could tell this little man loves his momma:

And you can tell this mom and dad are in love with their only son:

And if you as me, they are a pretty cute little family!:

Mom and dad had fun in the leaves too by the way:

We ended our shoot with one of Timmy’s favorite trucks

And then with one of my favorite shots of him:

Thanks for the great day little man, and thanks for sharing your home mom and dad!!

Bliss- Huntsville Family Photographer

24 10 2010

You remember these two??

WELL, they are back for some fall pics!  And mom and dad came this time:

I loved photographing the children early in the summer… and this time with mom and dad it was even more fun!  And the love and fun the children share obviously comes from their wonderful parents!

The family met me at two locations I have never used before.  First a local cemetery!!  We have a beautiful one in Huntsville with the BEST fall leaves EVER.  You just have to be careful not to include the graves in the pictures hahaha.  I’ve been trying to get a client to trust me to take them there forever!  THANKS L FAMILY!

I hope you are happy with the results.  The second location was a local church that owns a civil war era plantation house.  Turned into a great place for pics!!

And just like last time I fell in love with their love:

And their energy:

The big man looks so much older to me, and its only been a few months!

And he is so handsome.  Don’t you love the blue pants mom found?

Little sister… well:

Gorgeous right?  That picture takes my breath away everytime.  Her hair blowing in the wind, her eyes that match her dress, beautiful.  Here’s one that shows her spunk!

And what’s the best way to finish an afternoon of picture taking???  ROLLING IN THE GRASS!!!

Thanks guys for an amazing photoshoot.  Hope you love the pics of your family.

Be back soon with more more more!! Its busy season.

CATCH UP TIME!!!- Huntsville Family Photographer

21 10 2010

Alright… been a little crazy around my house… both the personal life and the business life!  So its time for me to catch you up on things!

1. Addy and Abby Fundraiser went AWESOME!  Thanks so much for all the donations.  Pictures coming soon.

2. Session catch up time:

Someone got married-

Someone turned 1-

AND had a 1 year old session!-

Someone else turned 1-

Christmas card sessions started-

A cutie pie baby came back for a return session-

AND a return family had a beautiful session on the mountain!-

3.  There have been some delays in my orders from the lab this week… if you are waiting on pics I apologize!!  They are coming!!


4.  Have a random opening in November!  Book quick if you need a session this fall!


5.  I’ll be announcing my 2011 pricing and session info (there will be some changes for the better!) so watch out for that!


Hope all is well, and I”ll be back tomorrow with a beautiful and fun family session I had today!!